Student Loan

Student Loan

On these school grounds, our dreams and ambitions are born. Within these hallowed halls, we will forge the necessary tools to make those aspirations a reality.

-Penehuro William

Samoana c/0  2009 Valedictorian

ASG Waiver Program:

An incentive we have here at DBAS is our Student Loan Waiver program. To qualify for these waivers, conditions are as follows:

  • Applicant must provide his/her degree as proof of having graduated from a college or University.
  • Applicant has to be employed locally, either with the ASG or any Private Sector within the Territory.

All other student loan recipients must contact DBAS for more information. 

For qualified applicants, please view below for Waiver details:

Where to Apply for a Student Loan:

To Apply for a Student Loan please contact the Department of Education (DOE) :

(684) 633-5237 or visit their website at

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If you would like to start making payments towards an existing Student Loan, please visit us at our location, or call us at (684) 633-4031.