Direct Commercial Loans

Business Loan:

Loan Amount

  • Maximum Amount: $50,000.00

Interest Rate

  • 9% fixed interest

Eligible Projects

  • To be reviewed and determined.

Eligible Uses of Loan Funds

Funds can be used for the following:

  • Purchase machinery, equipment, etc.
  • Working and start up capital.
  • Purchase inventory
  • Construction or Renovation of New and Existing buildings for non residential purposes.

Documents to Submit with a Loan Application

    • Business Plan or history/description of the business; management ability; detailed project cost. Include Resume of Owners, Partners or Corporate Stockholders. Submit Partnership Agreement if business is a partnership. Submit Articles of Incorporation, Certificate of Incorporation and By-Laws [if any] if business is a corporation. 
    • Business Financial Statements for the last three years(if existing)
    • Business Tax Returns for the last three years(if existing)
    • Individual Tax Returns for the last three years(if new business)
    • 24 Months of Financial Projections(if new business)
    • Personal Financial Statement for borrower(s) (form attached)
    • Current Business License & EIN verification letter (Employer Identification Number)
    • Description of land collateral to be provided as loan security (Land must be free and clear)
    • Certificate of Completion from Small Business Development Center(SBDC) for a “New Business Start Up” course if business is new. Office: (684) 699-4830
    • Application Processing Fee of $100.00 (Non-Refundable)


Please CALL or EMAIL us to schedule an appointment. Please download, print and fill in Applications listed below, and present them to your loan clerk, upon arrival to your appointment. We’ll see you soon!

DBAS will NOT ACCEPT INCOMPLETE APPLICATIONS – Please Submit All Necessary Requirements for Consideration